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With predatory food fish having been heavily overfished in areas without protection, unorthodox fish species are now being caught. Large porcupinefish seem to be relatively abundant and easy to catch at the present time. However, this may change if protected areas are not established._MG_2050_MG_9473_MG_2021One of the most iconic residents of muck slopes throughout the tropical oceans, the Hairy Frogfish (Antennarius striatus). This species of frogfish displays evolution at its finest, covered in filamentous skin appendages this species blends perfectly into algae and soft coral filled patches on the muck. This species has a large worm like lure and can be seen in black, yellow/brown, orange and white variations._MG_1404Populations of small shrimp species are starting to decline due to local fishing pressures. Overfishing of many costal resources, such as these, means that without meaningful action, biodiversity & in turn communities' food sources will disappear._MG_1843_MG_7282884939_10151535203432855_197669951_o_MG_9980_MG_15751857908_10151920288377855_1832811920_o892245_10151532075057855_1532031282_o1262882_10151871472892855_184379100_o
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